Forget traditional tourist attractions such as museums, historical architecture or unique natural landmarks, the hit of this Halloween season is the so called “Dark Tourism“ which takes travelers to macabre attractions and disturbing experiences. Dark tourism (sometimes also known as “black tourism“ or “grief tourism“) has been defined as tourism involving travel to sites historically associated with death or tragedy. From a haunted Chilean cemetery with open graves to a creepy suicide forest in Japan, check out these 25 dark tourism sites that will give you the spine-chilling feel just by seeing them on your screen.

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And now, for the the dark preview:

Costa Concordia Shipwreck, Italy
Suicide Forest, Japan
Oradour-sur-Glane, France
Babenhausen Barracks, Germany
Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta, Canada
Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre, Rwanda
Pripyat, Ukraine
Riddle House, Florida, USA
Ground Zero, New York, USA
Pompeii, Italy
Leap Castle, Ireland
Sedlec Ossuary, Czech Republic
Okpo Land, South Korea
La Noria Cemetery, Chile
London Dungeon, England
Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, California, USA
Island of the Dolls, Mexico
The Ridges, Ohio, USA
Belchite, Spain
Somme battlefields, France
Choeung Ek, Cambodia
Auschwitz concentration camp, Poland
Bran Castle, Romania
Fukushima, Japan
Stull Cemetery, Kansas, USA

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