Retrofitting Buildings For Greater Energy Savings

It’s never too late to start saving energy and money, even if it is on an existing commercial building. Commercial buildings are known to be costly, and traditionally speaking particularly tough to manage as far Image result for Retrofitting Buildings For Greater Energy Savingsas energy goes. Though, licensed electricians said there are changes from small and of barely any cost consequence to those that will cost more money and potentially transform energy saving benefits.

Smaller and less costly investments might include changing from using traditional light bulbs to going to fully LED systems. LED lights never burn out because they work in an entirely different manner than traditional incandescent bulbs. They are even better than fluorescent in many respects too. The initial cost will need to include a lighting designer who can maximize the light output while minimizing the disruption to tenants and employees in the commercial building.

From there, another big expense is water usage. Using more modern versions of the lower flow toilets and superior placement of plumbing together can make water savings possible. Additionally, using grey water to fill toilets is another way to get more bang for the buck per gallon of water. It is essentially using the same gallon twice. Any tank water heaters need to be replaced with tankless to save on energy costs as well.

Image result for photovoltaic panelsSolar power has come a long way in the past 10 years, and the use of photovoltaic panels may bring double doses of goodness. First off, the energy collected from the sun may be put toward use in the building in the form of electricity for lighting and to operate other electrical devices.

Any energy that is not used can be sold back to the electric company’s grid at a profit. For instance, while most people may not be in a commercial building on the weekends, people are usually at home.

At-home energy use peaks on weekends, and that is the time when a commercial building could make the most money on its energy sales back to the utility companies. In that manner, the commercial building and its owners are winning again and again.

If the building is allowing energy to escape through shoddy old windows, a compromised roof, or a foundation that leaks, it is time to seal the building better. Add insulation and test to make sure that it works effectively. It is odd, one would think people in the Northeast would be colder indoors in winter, but they insulate properly. The same building in the Southeast generally leaks like sieve. Insulate properly. It’s inexpensive and will save a lot of money on energy costs and cut down on sick days from employees.


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