Marzipan Bread | Fair Trade Dark Chocolate | Kinder Maxi Suprise Eggs

The marzipan candies had been products for Christmas, it’s like the dark chocolate from the LIDL supermarket. The Kinder Suprise Maxi eggs are also left over from Christmas. Please rate this product: (plus 6 Images and thousands of more reviews). German starts 6:30

Fair Trade – The Story

Fair Trade Certification empowers farmers and farm workers to lift themselves out of poverty by investing in their farms and communities, protecting the environment, and developing the business skills necessary to compete in the global marketplace.

Fair Trade Chocolate

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Why Fairtrade?

What is Fairtrade? It’s sometimes more expensive – why should we pay more? What’s the point? Well, Fairtrade gives people enables people to earn a wage that is fair – that is theirs by right. In fact, every time you don’t buy Fairtrade when there is an option to do so, you are likely endorsing…


Hallå gänget! Stöd bananpartiet ni också! Lägg upp en bild på en Fairtrademärkt produkt och hashtaga #bananpartiet! 🙂 Ni kan också träffa mig och Keyyo den 5 oktober. Följ min instagram “danielnorbergs” för mer info. Text: Emil Norberg & Daniel Norberg Musikproducent: Patrik Ekdahl Bakgrunder: Emil Norberg Övrigt: Daniel Norberg Tack till: Axel Palm

Fair Trade: Improving Lives

“Fair Trade is all about improving lives, but we don’t do that through charity- there are no hand outs in the Fair Trade world.” – Paul Rice, President and CEO of Fair Trade USA Through Fair Trade certification not only do farmers earn a higher price for their goods, they also receive an additional premium…