Life on a Fairtrade Cocoa Farm

What is life like on a Fairtrade cocoa farm? Journey with us to the Ivory Coast and meet farmers from the ECOOKIM cooperative to understand more about where you chocolate comes from.

“So far Fairtrade has made a big difference to us. With the income from our first premiums, for example, we were able to build two schools in the villages where we are active.” -Aboubakari Aidara Lamine, employee, ECOOKIM

“Increased production volumes, higher sales, better prospects for implementing projects, this is what we expect from Fairtrade and fair trading.” – Moussa Bamba, Chairman of ECOJAD

“To me, fair trading is more than empowerment for farmers. Fair trading enables them to sell their crops in a fair market while supporting their communities.” -Anne Marie Yao, Liaison Officer, Fairtrade International