Every Living Room Needs A Reclaimed Teak Wood Media Cabinet

Nowadays, most people opt to mount their televisions to the wall along with any other tech gadgets that need a home. Of course, unless you have a very modern living space or plenty of blank walls, this may not be the best option for you. If you hope to add some cozy personality to your home, a reclaimed teak wood media cabinet can help! Reclaimed teak wood isn’t just environmentally friendly, but it can look good in any home regardless of your personal style.

Image result for Every Living Room Needs A Reclaimed Teak Wood Media CabinetSome people may shy away from reclaimed wood as they feel that it’s just another passing trend, but we’re here to convince you otherwise. In fact, let us show you what a reclaimed teak wood media cabinet can do for your living space!

Withstand Harsh Environmental Conditions

If you live in an area where it’s hot and humid, it can be hard to find wood furniture that won’t rot or crack. Fortunately, teak wood is one of the few natural woods in the world that’s an insect repellent, resists wood rot, and won’t be structurally compromised due to extreme heat. For this reason, many homes in Australia feature furniture manufactured from teak.

Won’t Deteriorate In Your Lifetime

Teak wood has been used for hundreds of years, and due to its hardiness, many shipbuilders used it in centuries past. Much of the wood we can find modern furniture manufactured from will easily deteriorate and won’t withstand daily use. Fortunately, teak wood that has been recycled can still serve you for a lifetime and you won’t need to do anything special to maintain it!

Honest Age With No MaintenanceImage result for Teak furniture is manufactured from mature trees

Teak furniture is manufactured from mature trees, and that means that the tree must be 80 years or older in order to work for such a task. Unfortunately, we can wear out our natural supply of teak wood if we cut down all of the trees. Recycling not only helps our environment, but it allows you to forego excessive maintenance on your furniture. Through honest age come dings and scratches that can’t be removed, but they add an air of history to your piece and will require virtually no maintenance.

Are you ready to give your living room the makeover it deserves? When shopping for media cabinets, you should consider the benefits of choosing a piece manufactured from reclaimed teak wood!


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